Our oysters

Fine de Claire

Refines for minimum 15 days in our clear, which gives them an unmistakable flavor

Huîtres Charente-Maritime

Claire's Special

They are round and more fleshy with a more pronounced taste.

Red Label

When the clear greens, the oysters take a beautiful color on their unique gills in Marennes Oléron. (The greeness of the oyster is due to the marennine). It is a pigment produced by a phytoplancttonique alga, the blue Navicule, Hoslea Ostearia. The marennine is attached to the gills when the oyster is immersed.

Pushes in clear

Flagship of the production in Marennes Oléron, this oyster is bred for four months at a very low density (3 oysters in m²). They fatten in the light, become fleshy and take a taste of incomparable terroir.